Exceptional opening GDAŃSK



We are pleased to announce that we will permanently settle in GCH Manhattan located in Gdańsk from Wednesday 5.04.

You will have an occasion to explore our whole  assortment of bubble drinks 😍
- Shake
- Sorbet
- Foam Milk
- Coffee
- Milk drink
- Bubble Tea

Each delicious drink is:
> 0.5 - 3 extras included.
> 0.7 - 5 extras included in the price

To celebrate the opening - for the purchase of 0.7 drink, you will have a chance to win for yourself a gadget  from Crazy Bubble 🤩🥳

Mr. Cup also will be with us .... and he hasn't been in these areas yet! 😀

We will be waiting for you during the hours that the gallery is open from 9:00 to 21:00

Bring your loved ones and drop by for the best Bubble Tea in the area 🤩

See you around ❤️

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