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Cold coffee with syrup is the perfect choice for anyone who wants something refreshing and tasty at the same time. It perfectly combines the aromatic flavor of coffee with the delicate taste of syrup. The choice of syrup depends on your taste - you can choose from many flavors, such as vanilla, coconut, nut or caramel. The syrup adds a unique flavor and aroma to the coffee, while the ice makes the coffee a cool and refreshing drink, perfect for summer days.

If you haven't yet tried iced coffee with syrup, you absolutely must do so! I encourage you to visit one of our shop and try this unique coffee, which is sure to stay in your memory for a long time.


Frappe coffee is the perfect choice for coffee lovers who want something refreshing and energizing. This popular coffee drink originated in Greece, where it is commonly consumed as a delicious refreshment on hot summer days.
A frappe coffee consists of strong espresso coffee, milk, ice and syrup. The whole thing is blended into a smooth and fluffy custard, then served with ice and optional toppings of popping boba, nata de coco or tapioca. If you haven't tried frappe coffee yet, this drink is worth a try! Its intense coffee flavor, combined with soft milk and refreshing ice, is perfect for a hot day. Frappe coffee is also a great way to boost your energy before work, after a workout or during the day when you need a small dose of caffeine.
Don't wait any longer and try frappe coffee today! This drink is sure to provide you with not only a taste pleasure, but also an energy and boost to your day.


Flavored coffee is ideal for coffee lovers who want to try something new and surprising. Serving coffee with the addition of flavored syrup gives it a subtle and delicate flavor that blends perfectly with the aromatic coffee. The choice of syrup for coffee depends on individual taste preferences. Vanilla syrup adds a sweet and creamy flavor to coffee, while coconut syrup gives it an exotic and tropical aroma. On the other hand, nutty syrup is perfect for coffee with nutty notes, and caramel syrup adds an extra sweetness of roasted sugar to the coffee.
If you want to try flavored coffees, it's worth choosing one of the syrups mentioned. Their subtle flavor perfectly complements the aromatic notes of the coffee, making each sip a real pleasure for the palate. Served hot, flavored coffee is perfect for cold days, giving warmth and energy. This coffee tastes even better with our additions of tapioca, matching flavored popping boba balls (chocolate, brown sugar), or nata de coco.
Don't wait any longer and try frappe coffee today! This drink is sure to give you not only taste pleasure, but also energy and a boost to your day.

Flavors: hazelnut, caramel, coconut, vanilla

A list of our flavors that you can mix at will:

  • 20230119150242 caramel
  • 20230119150358 coconut
  • 20230119150416 hazelnut
  • 20230119150519 vanilla

Crazy Bubble toppings

Coffee drinks at Crazy Bubble are unique not only by the number of flavors or choice of textures, add delicious toppings in many flavors - tapioca, popping boba, nata de coco or jelly beans! Find the joy of CrazyBubble in serious coffee!

  • Popping Boba

    A must-try is our popping balls boba, which hide delicious juice in a delicate seaweed shell. The tasteless shell bursts in your mouth causing an explosion of flavor and great fun!

  • Nata de coco

    You can also choose from very distinctive rectangular additions in the form of strips with fruity flavors that cause joy in anyone who tries them. Although commonly called jelly beans, they do not contain gelatin - made from natural coconut water.

  • Tapioca

    When writing about the original additives to Crazy Bubble Tea, one cannot omit the delicious and nutritious tapioca, made from cassava root and prepared using a special recipe.

  • Jelly

    We also offer jellies also in the form of strips. You snort all the delicious toppings through a straw with a customized diameter along with your drink each time experiencing uniquely fruity flavors.

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